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Online Payment via eNETS Credit - Internet Credit Card 

eNETS Credit is an online credit card payment gateway, operated by NETS, that allows you to pay for bills, goods and services online using your VISA/MASTERCARD credit card or American Express card.

A) How To Use eNETS Credit?

1. At the payment selection page, affirm that the amount to pay is correct

a. Click on the eNETS Credit Cards logo to pay using eNETS Credit payment service. 

b. Or Click Cancel Payment button to cancel the transaction and return to the e-service.

Payment Selection

2. The user will be redirected to eNETS Credit Payment Gateway. 

a. Please enter your name as shown on your credit card, your credit card number, and the expiry date of the credit card. 

b. The details of the payment are also shown. 

c. Please note down the Merchant Reference No. and NETS Reference No. for enquiry of payment purpose. 

d. Click on submit button to proceed. 

e. Or Click on cancel button to return to the payment selection page.

eNETS Credit Payment Gateway


3. A confirmation pop-up window appears. 

a. Click on OK button to proceed with the payment.


4. Once payment is successful, 

a. eNETS Credit Payment Gateway automatically pops up a new window to notify the user of the successful payment.

b. If you need a copy of the acknowledgement, simply print it with your Internet Browser function or click on the print button.


5. A PSi receipt is also displayed in a new browser window.


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B) What are the accepted cards?

eNETS Credit supports the following:

  • All VISA credit cards
  • All MasterCard credit cards
  • All MasterCard debit cards
  • Visa Electron debit cards
  • American Express (AMEX) cards

eNETS Credit does not support the following:

  • JCB cards
  • Any other types of credit/charge cards

Note: The card issuers will determine whether a particular debit card is supported.   Some card issuers do not allow Internet type transactions for their debit cards. When in doubt, the payer should check with his/her card-issuing bank to verify whether his/her card can be used for Internet payment.

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Please extend you session

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Do not use the Back or Forward button on your browser as this may end your transaction.

If you encounter any problems with this e-service, please contact us at 6391 6100, or email with an attached screen shot of the error encountered.

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